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The club's stadium is the newly rebuilt Karaiskakis Stadium in Piraeus.Olympiacos is the most popular Greek club with around two and a half million fans in Greece and was placed ninth on the list with the most paid up members in the world in 2006, having 83,000 registered members as of April 2006.

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On the pitch, the team without a serious management went nine seasons without a league title, 1988 to 1996.Basically not one hard hit ball in the entire inning for both teams. The only run the Tigers got before the ninth, was on a bloop error by Altuve where Maybin scored from first with two outs. After winning the Jays game earlier in the day, we didn't have much luck in the night slate. Despite constant management changes, Olympiacos kept on winning championships, except for the season 2003–04, when they finished second after switching three coaches in a year.

Olympiacos rehired Dušan Bajević and transferred 1999 World Footballer of the Year Rivaldo.

After walking Upton, he gave up back to back singles to probably the most unsuspecting hitters in the line up; Tyler Collins and James Mc Cann to tie it up.

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