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Although their final evaluations differ, most commentators locate the artistic newness of the film in its witty but intense blending of themes of pornographic voyeurism and messages of moral responsibility; it is "highly erotic, yet also rather sternly ethical" (Denby).Although the codes and possibilities of pornography hover constantly at its edges, whether as components of the film itself or as expectations instilled in the audience by the title alone, sex, lies, and videotape is not pornographic.The good citizens of Bannack, Montana, elect Henry Plummer as their new sheriff, not realizing he is a hardened outlaw who will use his office to rob and murder them.Born and reared in Maine, Plummer went west in 1852 and settled in the California gold mining town of Nevada City....On this day in 1797, future President Thomas Jefferson writes to his friend Angelica Church, inquiring casually about their mutual friend, Maria Cosway, a woman who had once captured his heart and inspired a romantically-themed essay.

After 14 years and 27 deaths while being constructed, the Brooklyn Bridge over the East River is opened, connecting the great cities of New York and Brooklyn for the first time in history.Ultimately, its sexual themes are subordinated to its moral meanings. Graham is Soderbergh's gentle but disquieting New Age version of the American male exile, the wanderer bringing home his peculiar blend of prurience and Puritanism, acutely afflicted by impotence and sincerely driven to find redemption in the postmodem, video age practice of confession.As reviewers continually point out, Graham, the returning exile who exposes the lies in the other characters' lives. As the central mode of discourse in the film, confession is the act by which the characters express, enjoy, and anguish over the inextricable mingling of the moral and the erotic.Also like most comedy, the film is structurally overdetermined.

The center around which the characters, discourse, and action revolve is sex.

In a demonstration witnessed by members of Congress, American inventor Samuel F. The highest compliment Edward Kennedy Ellington knew how to pay to a fellow musician was to refer to him as being “beyond category.” If any label could possibly capture the essence of Ellington himself, it would be that one.

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