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Nick Chavez was an English teacher and former model who started to date Brooke Davis until he discovered she was a student at Tree Hill High School, whereupon she discovered he was her new teacher.

They continued their affair until Brooke caught Nick cheating on her.

When Nick arrives, he asks everyone including Rachel to settle down, and she tries to flirt with him. Later, she goes to see Nick and says that she will tell Principal Turner about his relationship with Brooke. Then, she closes the door and hits on Nick but he refuses.

Rachel eventually goes the principal about the secret relationship and he gets suspended from Tree Hill High School until the case is settled.

He subsequently left the school and resigned his post. Nick is introduced in a bar as Brooke's blind date. Lying about her age, Brooke lies to him when they come near Tree Hill High School and she says that she used to be a cheerleader there.

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After Rachel set Brooke up through online dating site as a twenty-two year-old she met Nick and that night they slept together.Nick then sees Tia, Brooke's fashion model when she asks him how the dress looks on her.