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“So, what sort of strange things do you get up to when you’re down here all alone? She made a sweeping gesture in front of her, demonstrating the straight line she was making with her body. Now, picture this as a stage during an average production. There’s usually a lot more women in these things than men, right?” Lynn nodded, gradually moving herself into an elegant ‘arabesque’, leaning forward toward him on one leg, turned in such a way so he could get a good look at how the other stretched out behind her, her arms making a diagonal line to the position of her body.Perhaps it was the fact they allowed each other enough room to pursue their individual hobbies, best exemplified on Sundays when he would spend most of the day in the living room, while she would be in the basement rec-room, specifically furnished to her needs.Although she’d always been a fan of dance, she never got the chance to study it as a child, so she was delighted to find that ballet was offered as an adult-learner class at the local community centre.And yeah this should serve as a lesson to everyone especially the female reader.

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“Well, hello stranger,” Lynn said, coming down from ‘battement fondu’.

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