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It's important to show something different, something original and they gave me the freedom to do that.I'll never forget that." Craig arrives in Hollyoaks with his family; father Johnno, mother Frankie, brother Jake and sisters Debbie and Steph. He uses his intelligence to manipulate Hollyoaks villagers and to pull a variety of scams."I really appreciate the freedom and the opportunities that they've given me to really make something different of this storyline, not just the conventional 'coming out' storyline – it's been a sexual confusion storyline," he stated.

However, he agreed to return to the series in late 2008.

So fervently were viewers wishing for a happy ending for gay teenager John Paul and his no-I'm-not-gay-but-maybe-I-am friend Craig, the producer even promised a happy ending in advance.

And so, as they flew off to Dublin together, they kissed in front of a holiday poster of a sunset. " Burnet cited his appreciation for the show giving him a unique character to portray, while maintaining the distinct difference between John Paul's sexuality and Craig's.

It's confusion but it's also a love story – an obsession almost." He stated, "The thing about Craig – whatever character you play is always going to be slightly similar to you.

Whoever says that they're completely different is lying because it's your face, its your expression – it is you." In regards to whether or not he became comfortable with portraying Craig's sexual attraction to John Paul, Burnet clarified: "Even towards the end, it was always difficult for me…The character was originally scripted as heterosexual, and actor Guy Burnet wanted to maintain this aspect of the character in his portrayal.

There’s plenty of ways to make names appealing, so put your thinking cap on and get creative.… continue reading »

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Part of the definition of a cult is “a religion or sect considered to be false, unorthodox, or extremist” – Websters Dictionary While on the surface the IFB seems to be a traditional Christian organization, within the walls of the church there is false and extreme doctrine, heavy manipulation and mind-control of its members, and manipulation of the Word of God that hurts people.… continue reading »

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