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16-Nov-2017 06:35

Compared to 2007, the cost of animal feed is now 50 per cent higher.

This means that it costs the farmer, on average, between 28p and 31p to produce each litre of milk.

How is it that they can see a piece of machinery in a field five miles away and know the model of tractor, what field it is in, who is driving and also knows they are eating the last half of a bag of Cheetos? When a truck drives by the farm, farmers know who it is (and most of the time just by the sound of the truck) and the reason they are driving by. Let me just say, it can be very hazardous to your health, especially when driving though the countryside.

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In the end, they probably know what they wanted anyway. During harvest, when the work day is done by p.m., farmers consider it an early night. They go out of their way to help – like the time my farmer put flag markers around a killdeer nest with eggs because the killdeer happened to build a nest next to a high traffic area on the farmyard. This means there is a glut of cheese and yoghurt in the European marketplace.

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