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Jack Shark net broke when we were at the club and that pool was evacuated in 5 seconds flat when some bright spark shouted "SHARK"--no one hung around to see if it was true, this was when the LOCH KILLISPORT was there in 55.I was on the troopship Devonshire in Aden around 1960/61 when the aircraft carrires Bulwark and Albion were berthed on the bouys there in the harbour.I tried to find information about that incident and came across the site.

We embarked at the start of their patrol along the south coast of what was then the Aden Protectorate.Welcome to Ships Nostalgia, the world's greatest online community for people worldwide with an interest in ships and shipping. Anzio, tank landing ship, Aug 1964 (helped bring fire on British tanker Esso Norway, 31,642 tons, under control). Towed disabled Italian tanker Adrian Augusta (20,300 tons) 600 miles through the Red Sea to Aden.Whether you are crew, ex-crew, ship enthusiasts or cruisers, this is the forum for you. Ships visiting Aden, 1960-1968 (not comprehensive obviously, as it didn't pick up Ark Royal - a different search may have): Bulwark, commando carrier, Jan 1961. Calton and Carhampton, coastal minesweepers, Jan 1965 (on patrol against weapon smuggling). Apr 1966 announcement: HMS Sheba, RN shore establishment in Aden, to be wound up in Aug. Eskimo, Tribal class frigate (2,300 tons), Jun 1967. Albion & Eagle (43,000 tons), Nov 1967 (Army withdrawal).I remember cutting my foot on some coral whilst swimming at the officers' club beach, and a small british boy of about five at the water's edge calling out "You'd better get out of the water, Mister." I very promptly did when, on my querying his suggestion, he replied "Because you'll attract all the bleeding sharks"!

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Jack Aircraft carrier "Victorious" outward bound at the end of July 1966 and again in May of 1967 homeward bound. Also when outward bound to the Far East in August 1963.For some reason the minesweeper later weighed anchor, only to anchor again further out to sea.