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Cynthia’s father, Irving, who was also living on a very tight budget, put his hand on her shoulder and invited her into their home. He could have taken her to the police station or a shelter, but instead he opened up his home, heart and family to Linda.”Dru Sanchez is a Tucson, Arizona mom whose story Laura Schroff shares in Angels on Earth.Sanchez was out shopping one day when she noticed a young woman with three children.He kept it up for three months until his mother moved to the United States.Today, Jose is a married father who volunteers with a prison ministry.Even though he was only six years old, Jose Luis Balleza had no choice but to wander the dangerous streets of Reynosa, Mexico, selling the tacos his mother had made.After his father’s death, the family plunged into poverty and needed the money.As reported by Kelly Marsicano in New Jersey Catholic, the clinic, which is funded entirely by private donations, offers “blood pressure and blood sugar screening, HIV testing, flu vaccines, general health care and counseling.” Registered nurse Katie Shaw said, “Nothing has brought Christ home to me like what I learn from people who come to St.

The 59-year-old passed away in January 2017, the result of a heart attack.He still appreciates what that stranger did for him, saying, “It was not about the money. That is why I will remember her forever.”In collecting true stories for her book Angels on Earth, Laura Schroff was surprised that some people she had known for years revealed parts of themselves she had never known about.