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03-Nov-2017 13:58

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Have you ever received one of those emails telling you that you have to forward it on to 10 of your friends or something bad will happen?

Chain mails can be a bit of a net nasty – if you read something that scares or worries you, find someone to talk to and remember an electronic piece of information like an email can never hurt you.

Sei sicuro di non voler abilitare la versione Flash-version della chat?

La versione Flash è completamente funzionale e ottimizzata.

Visit the NET NASTIES page to find out what you can do about chain, junk mail and SPAM Have you ever accepted a file from a friend on Messenger? Viruses can be spread very quickly from messenger – if you’re not sure what the message contains don’t download and ask your friend on the phone or face to face what it contains.

Only open emails from people you know and trust and remember to read the subject line carefully.

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Prior to this, we would love to welcome you down to the squadron for a tour and a chat about all the things we do.

Raccomandiamo a tutti i nostri utenti di utilizzare la versione Flash della chat.