775 socket motherboards online dating

29-Dec-2017 19:42

EVGA is THE motherboard choice for enthusiast and overclockers.

There are many improvements that can and will be made for the future.

Both sockets offer the greatest current range of upgrading capability, and while there's no way of telling how long they'll be around, chances are you'll be set for a while.

An important note about upgrading: While an AM2 socket will accept any processor designed for it, the same isn't necessarily true about Intel's offerings.

With many of the feature of a full size board and supports 3-way SLI with the single slot 980 Ti Kingpin graphics cards!

2016 Z170 FTW A clean and neutral looking board which would fit in any build and stand out with its features.

Has an update BIOS GUI interface and 4 DIMM sockets supporting up to 64GB of memory.

2016 X99 FTW K This is my favorite board because it was released on the first day I started working at EVGA.

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2007 e-7150 Deemed the Ultimate GPU and Motherboard solution of its day, this board had a 7 series GPU built in and supported a whopping 1333mhz of ram. 2012 Z77 FTW Introduced support for 3rd Generation Intel Core processors, with full PCI-e 3.0 and 4-way SLI support.The memory dimms were placed above the CPU socket so that users could put the memory in first and avoid and with it getting in the way of all the other connections.